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Welcome to the Dawnings Website.

The only constant in life is change and
any change brings both loss and gain
We are constantly needing to adjust to situations and relationships
being and becoming.....

Often there are choices we have made or decisions to be made
as we journey through life, and at each critical point in life
we choose or are drawn to a new path.
Sometimes the choices are ours, sometimes they are thrust upon us.

C. S. Lewis said "Every time you make a choice
you are turning the central part of you
into something a little different to what it was before."

Every significant life experience has the capacity
to turn the central part of us into something a little different.
Often we fail to recognise the significance of our experiences
until we share them with another trustworthy and caring person.

My name is Carolina and I hope you find your way around this site easily.

Reaching out for help to a stranger can be immensely hard. Finding someone you can trust and can talk to openly is not easy. You may not be sure what you are needing or may feel nervous opening out and becoming vulnerable. However, in my personal experience the benefits of receiving support through times of stress or to help work through issues can be immensely beneficial. Our wellbeing is enhanced when we can share our heart and experiences and feel heard and understood.

I offer general counselling, and specialise in grief and loss, applied to many life changes, traumas and death experiences. I have particular interest in birth trauma and pregnancy-baby loss experiences, including termination loss and trauma.

I am available for supervision for counselling students, counsellors, chaplains, pastoral workers, social workers, nurses and midwives.

Spiritual companioning is a special and privileged role and relationship which is often mutually enriching.

All my work is primarily person-centred, and I use an ecclectic mix of narrative, gestalt, CBT, DBT, TA, psychotherapy. I view the person as a whole, and in relationship and their historical context, and enjoy working in an integrated way. I work within the guidelines of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors of which I am a full member.

I am able to facilitate range of workshops on other topics and will travel to facilitate these. I have experience in training around listening skills, and presenting to tertiary counselling students around ethics and pregnancy decision making, and enjoy speaking to community groups, churches, and at counselling and allied health professional conferences on post termination issues, recovery and healing.

I have developed a counselling manual to support healing for loss and trauma associated with abortion/termination and offer a specialised three day training seminar around that. I have also prepared a resource for post abortion support groups and a participant workbook. A workbook for women and a workbook for men are currently being developed (See Training Resources or email me at carolina@dawnings.co.nz for more information)


  • values each person and his/her  journey of life as unique    
  • is compassionate and empathetic, respectful and non-judgemental
  • works towards the growth and well being of the whole person
  • appreciates that people are gifts

Pic Carolina


I have a background in nursing, training  in counselling, formation in spiritual direction and a variety of other courses, study and personal development brings a wide and open view to my work.

A range of work experience has provided me with a good platform for being with and supporting people.

I feel fortunate with and am grateful for my family - my husband, three grown children, and ten grandchildren (three of whom died too young).

Grief associated with death, dying and life changes has always touched me deeply and I developed an interest in abortion/termination related issues in later years. I  helped to establish P.A.T.H.S. at the end of 1997 where I have been involved in various roles at different times over 20 years or so - trustee, co-ordinator, trainer, supervisor.

I have also provided training and supervision for Pregnancy Counselling Services in Christchurch in that time, and offered a course in listening skills for Child Helpline for a number of years. As well as the former two day P.A.T.H.S. Seminars, I have done specialty workshops and trainings around pregnancy counselling and post abortion issues for local tertiary institutes, counselling and allied health conferences, and am keen to broaden those horizons. I have been involved in counselling student assessments at one local college, and helping to lead process groups for student counsellors at another local college. I hope to become more involved in the training area.

Community involvement has been a significant part of my life over the years - family co-worker for Whakatata House, youth group and family group leadership, assisting on committees. I have been privileged to be involved in an advisory capacity for the counselling course as part of the Human Services Advisory Committee at CPIT.

My heart is for people and our shared humanness. I appreciate the opportunity to come alongside people for a time in their journey. I am gateful for all the help I have received over the years and the learning I have gained through professional trainings but also through the sharings of people in my practice room.


  •  Diploma in Counselling (CPIT), MNZAC
  •  Diploma in Not-for-Profit Management (UNITEC)
  •  Certificate in Supervision (Centre for Supervision and Team Development, Findhorn)
  •  Diploma Nursing (Christchurch School of Nursing)
  •  Diploma Religious Studies (NCRS) and Spiritual Direction formation (SEED)
  •  Specific training in effective communication, relationship dynamics, parenting skills, issues of grief and loss, death and dying, pregnancy counselling and post abortion recovery....

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