“The After Effects of Abortion” ISBN 978-0-473-13950

This researched booklet was initially produced for P.A.T.H.S. (Post Abortion Trauma Healing Service) Since P.A.T.H.S. folded in 2021 the material reverted to the Editor Carolina Gnad of Dawnings for use who has revised it and is making it available.

It offers insights into the possible loss and trauma of abortion, providing information and stories about the experienced impacts of abortion and a healing journey.

The revised booklet is available for $10 for a PDF copy.

“Abortion and Missed Fatherhood” (In Draft stage no ISBN Nnumber as yet)

This booklet was initially was initially produced for the Forgotten Fathers events happening in NZ in 2023.

The small information booklet covers some scenarios for men, voices of men and impacts for men.

The booklet is available for $5 for a PDF copy, or $10 for a hardcopy while stocks last.

"Hope for the Hurting: Guideposts for Healing after an Abortion/Termination"  ISBN 978-0-473-38038-2

This manual offers 14 Guideposts through a psychospiritual process for journeying with women towards healing after an abortion/termination. It uses a holistic person-centred approach. Useful for all counsellors and therapists, health practitioners and pastoral care people.

Note: The programme can be adjusted to work with men, grandparents or other family members impacted by an abortion/termination. The process is also transferable to working with any perinatal loss or birth trauma, other grief or trauma such as life changes, bereavements, unemployment etc

The manual is available in PDF version $50NZ or hard copy $75NZ plus postage and packaging . Copyright applies, but permission is given to copy handouts for client use.

"Hope Comes Healing Happens" ISBN 978-0-473-46314-4)

A self workbook for women for healing after an abortion to aid reflection around the experience and look at feelings associated with what happened.

The manual is only available in a PDF version and the cost is $25NZ.

"A New Tomorrow: Workbook for men affected by abortion"  ISBN 978-0-473-47143-9

Men’s experiences are even more under-acknowledged than women’s experiences.

This workbook focuses on men’s experiences, possible effects for men, and offers exercises to reflect on.

The manual is only available in a PDF version and the cost is $35NZ.

"Guidelines for a Post Abortion / Termination Therapeutic Support Group" ISBN 978-0-473-27267-8

Therapeutic Support Groups can be a good place to share painful personal experiences.

These guidelines will help you set up and facilitate a therapeutic support group for those who have experienced a pregnancy termination. It offers insights into the needs of participants, how to set up and run group safely.

The PDF version is $50NZ. Copyright applies but includes permission to copy handout material for group participants. Each location or site for a support group needs its own booklet to ensure rights to copy handouts.

"A New Path; My Story - My Healing Journey" ISBN 978-0-473-28214-1

Workbook accompaniment for the Therapeutic Support Group process. For some people having their own workbook is helpful. It provides information and space to reflect and explore aspects of the programme as a participant journeys through.

Leaders can purchase copies for participants, or participants may be invited to purchase their own copy.

PDF version is $25NZ. (Not to be copied).  Note: for groups who anticipate ongoing groups a one off fee of $150 NZ for PDF version of the workbook includes permission to copy for groups at a single location or site.

"Hearts Made Whole" No ISBN number

Christian Support Group Programme

A therapeutic group programme for use in churches. Includes Scripture reflections and exercises.

Only available as a PDF version for $50NZ. (material copyrighted but includes right to copy handouts for group participants)

"Turn Up Hope" No ISBN number

Therapeutic workbook for young people to journey towards healing. Recommended for use in a therapeutic setting or accompaniment.

PDF version is $25NZ. (Not to be copied).

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