I offer specialised training around post abortion issues, recovery and healing, and can tailor presentations, workshops and training to suit groups, churches, health sector and counselling agencies.....

Training is offered both face to face and online.

Virtual training can be organised as a two to three day event or a series of modules. 

Carolina uses Zoom for virtual training.

Sessions are invariably interactive  - includes presentation of information, Q & A opportunities, and breakout into small groups for discussion.

PDF handouts of the slide material is included in the price.

The THREE DAY POST ABORTION SEMINAR "Hope for the Hurting"  takes a comprehensive look at post abortion issues, including coverage of a 14 Guidepost Programme for Post Abortion Healing, which is resource for health practitioners and post abortion support workers.

Day 1: Foundational

- views and beliefs as helpers and health practitioners

- context of abortion and the Web of Influence

- methods of abortion/termination

- initial reactions and therapeutic responding

- introduction to abortion loss and trauma

Day 2: Possible Negative Reactions and How to Respond

- possible short and long term physical, psychological, spiritual, relational impacts

- understanding trauma response

- men and abortion

Day 3: Overview of the "Hope for the Hurting" 14 Guidepost Programme

1. Engagement and storying

2.  Pre-pregnancy

3. The pregnancy

4. The abortion decision

5. The event

6. Adjustment

7. Hurts

8. Anger

9 Judgements

10.  Victimhood

11. Guilt

12. Forgiveness

13. Continuing bonds

14 Moving forward

I also offer training around general aspects with helping roles or counselling, or the following areas

General  Workshop Topics  include 

- Person-centred active listening skills

- Loss and grief

- Assertiveness and conflict resolution

- Pregnancy decision-making

- Pregnancy-baby loss

- Birth trauma